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Garbage & Trash Removal/Hauling - Demolition - Pickup & Delivery

Thompson Hauling LLC respect your right to privacy and will not disclose your information to third parties without your explicit written consent.

Thompson Hauling LLC communicates with customers, city and state regulatory agencies, suppliers, manufacturers, through the internet, direct contact, phone calls, fax, emails, and visitors at our web site. The information provided by you is to facilitate our communications for services, information or immediate contact. You have the right to disclose or decline to submit the information required.

Thompson Hauling LLC will keep your information in our data files for future reference. For security purposes our company records and customer information is kept on computers not connected to the internet and your information is accessed only by authorized personnel. We do not keep data regarding credit card information. If at any time you wish for us to remove your information from our data files, please notify us at

If you wish to edit or update your information, please email or call us with your changes.

NOTICE: We do not call our customers asking for personal information, account numbers, or passwords. We do not visit customers premises unless we are asked to do so.

We reserve the right to make changes to our privacy statement as needed and will re-post our changes.

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